The Booziest Cookies I Ever Did Make


I don’t know what compelled me to try this recipe.  I don’t think I’ve ever made Rum Raisin anything before.  I don’t really like raisins, as a matter of fact.  Although this recipe called for currants, which I do like.  Call me crazy.

I’ve got a shelf full of cookie recipe books, and who knows how many recipes bookmarked, but this was the recipe that called to me when I was browsing around the other day.  Even more bizarre–I didn’t change anything about the recipe!  Very unlike me, particularly when we’re talking about a Martha recipe.  I like to mess with her stuff, for sure.  I don’t know, maybe it was sheer laziness.  And a desperate need for cookies.

At any rate, I soaked my currants overnight, and I whipped up the dough, formed a couple logs, chilled them and sliced them and baked them and . . . oh my, was it a boozy good time.  I swear I used the exact measurements called for in the recipe.  I guess they soaked a little longer than overnight, since I didn’t make the dough until early afternoon.  Whoooeee, did the dough reek of rum.  I am a horrible addict to snacking on cookie dough, but the boozy smell put me off.  Well . . . almost.  Heh heh.

You can probably soak your currants for just a couple hours and avoid the fumes, while still getting the rum taste.  This is a great recipe for freezing, too–bake up one log and freeze the other for later.  I do that so I won’t eat them all in one sitting.  Trust me, it’s not pretty.

Rum Raisin Cookie Recipe, as posted on the Martha Stewart site.

3 thoughts on “The Booziest Cookies I Ever Did Make

    • Hi Emily! These were the ones I sliced and baked straight out of the freezer, they ended up with lovely crumbly edges. The ones I baked out of refrigerated dough were much flatter. And trust me, you won’t taste any tartness from the currants once you drown them in rum!

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