Quarantine Cake (or, Chocolate Fudge Upside Down Cake)

*Updated March 30, 2020 – pictures, cooking time, pro tip, archive links

I don’t know where the last two weeks went. Sucked into the black hole of covid-19, never-ending work from home, and suddenly “home-schooling” (in quotes because seriously, who am I kidding?) two kids under age 9. We did get out for a couple of days in an RV Continue reading

Sunday Short #2: Neverwinter (part 1)

There is a dark cloud hanging over much of our planet right now. We are all struggling to find the light in the middle of uncertainty and fear. Some of us are also struggling to find toilet paper.  

My first thought for this story was to go dark – drama, war, treachery. But the words didn’t come. It took me most of yesterday to realize I needed to write from a light-hearted place. Not because I’m ignoring all that is going on around us, but because light is what will bring us through the dark.  Continue reading

Friday Prompt #2: Neverwinter

Next prompt for Sunday Shorts! I’ll be back on Sunday with mine. Maybe one of you will share, too?

This week we are escaping reality and venturing to a new land, courtesy of Pinterest*.

*found through imgur with no attribution attached, let me know if you know the source (update: word on the street is that this is imagery from the classic RPG, Dungeons & Dragons)

Sunday Short #1: Fiona

Here it is, my first Sunday Short – posted without editorial comment. Except I will give myself bonus points for the Irish theme and the link back to one of my old recipes.

Comments, thoughts, any of your own stories to share????

Sunday Short #1 prompts (from Writerly):
A slight accident had happened
Flat, paste-like articles
Stitches at the waist
“I was right,’ she said to herself.
Is there a little hole for it?


A slight accident had happened, but Fiona wasn’t worried. She was only an hour into her shift at the dress factory, and she knew there was plenty of time to repair the mistake. She stared intently at the stitches at the waist of the dress in front of her, brows puckered as she considered the best approach.  

“Fiona!” Her boss, Mr. Maxwell, thundered from Continue reading

Sunday Short (Stories) – New Series

I was talking with a friend recently about the challenge of personal transformation. That sounds too fancy – I really mean attempting to change habits or learn a new skill. The problem, I think, is that human nature loves comfort. We crave security and certainty and warmth and simplicity. It’s soooooo easy to just stay where we are, and so much harder to stretch ourselves into something new or different.

If you’ve followed my last few blog posts, you know that Continue reading

Finding My Voice

When I was in junior high, I used to write stories for my friends. They were romances mostly – sweet and a little sappy, the kind of story that most 13 year old girls have playing through their heads. I would write as fast as I could, long hand, pen or pencil on lined notebook paper, the words pouring out of me. My friends would wait anxiously for each page – sometimes tracking me down Continue reading


dandelion on fire

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.”
~Janet Fitch

There is a magical thing that happens when you live through a few decades, if you are open enough to see and embrace it – somewhere along the way, you’ll find yourself in a time of rebirth. Some rebirth is painful and slow. Some feels like a supernova. Sometimes it is something you want, and hope for, and work toward – and sometimes it hits you with no warning, a black steam train out of nowhere on a pitch dark night.

I’ve had a few transformative periods in my life, but the fire I walked through over the last two and a half years Continue reading


Okay, so here it is – my twice a year blog post where I say ‘wow, it’s been a long time’ and ‘geez, I’ve been busy’ and ‘hey, is anybody still out there????’ And then I say things like I’m going to ‘post more often’ and I’ve got lots of ‘great stuff lined up’ and then another six months go by with just a blinking cursor on the screen.

Nope, not this time. I won’t do it. I won’t rehash the same lines. No more hamster wheel. I will start fresh and simply post this:

Life is good.
And I’ll be back.
I will.

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