WIC5 Day 69 – Beach Day, pt 2

“It’s so warm!!” Nate was breathless as he jumped up and down in the water next to her. Chloe concentrated on jumping over each wave rolling in, letting the tops tickle her rib cage. Her thoughts drifted back to Lily, and the last message she’d sent.   “Hey, try this Clo!” Nate threw himself onto a wave as it rolled by, riding it a few feet … Continue reading WIC5 Day 69 – Beach Day, pt 2

WIC5 Day 62 – Beach Day

The streets were already full of people when they stepped out onto the Calle Pedro de Toledo the next day. They all slept late, partly from jet lag and partly from the previous day’s hike to the fortress. Chloe tossed and turned all night with strange, half-formed dreams. The white cat wove through all of them, climbing trees and splashing through fountains. Those sparkling green … Continue reading WIC5 Day 62 – Beach Day

WIC5 Day 58 – Behind the Scenes

Ongoing questions to define and structure a writing project. Genre – what two books does it go between?  I think my book/series would fit between the Harry Potter series and the Wings of Fire series. It’s a mix of coming of age story and a tale of magical creatures.  Structure – what are the edges?  The first book happens in modern day Spain, with some … Continue reading WIC5 Day 58 – Behind the Scenes

WIC5 Day 55 – The White Cat, cont.

“Chloe?” Her mom’s shout floated to her from somewhere outside the garden walls. “Chlooooeeeee!”  “I’m here, mom!” Standing up and brushing dirt off her knee, she started toward the doorway. Her mom suddenly appeared there, flushed and breathing hard.   “Honey, where were you?? I thought you were with Roberto and your brother. Who was that man, was he bothering you? Are you okay?” The rush … Continue reading WIC5 Day 55 – The White Cat, cont.

WIC5 Day 48 – The White Cat

The cat peered up at her with exquisite jade green eyes, head cocked to one side as if asking a question. Chloe smiled, feeling a sudden burst of laughter bubbling up inside. “Aren’t you the cutest little thing?” She bent into a low squat, almost sitting on the path. The cat immediately pranced toward her, tail drawing quick half circles through the air, and placed … Continue reading WIC5 Day 48 – The White Cat

WIC5 Days 33-36 – Alcazaba Malaga, part 3

Chloe felt completely surrounded. There were stones literally everywhere. The street, the walls, everything was made of the same light brown, beige, and cream-colored stone. “Where did it all come from?”  “What, honey?” Her mom was distracted, focusing her camera on a series of key-shaped openings in the courtyard wall.   “The stones. Where did they all come from?” She rubbed the toe of her sneaker on the … Continue reading WIC5 Days 33-36 – Alcazaba Malaga, part 3

WIC5 Days 31-32 – Alcazaba Malaga, part 2

The cat stared at her without blinking. Chloe wondered if she should be afraid. Normally, she would be crouching down saying silly things, trying to get the cat to come to her. This cat didn’t have that vibe at all. This cat had a whole lot of stay-away energy. Okay, weirdo cat, let’s just keep our distance. I’ll be cool if you’re cool. The cat blinked slowly … Continue reading WIC5 Days 31-32 – Alcazaba Malaga, part 2

WIC5 Days 24-30 – Alcazaba Malaga

Tap, tap, tap. Tap. TAPTAPTAP. Chloe squeezed her eyes tighter, willing herself back to sleep. TaptaptaptaptaptapTAP. What the heck? She launched to an upright position, ready to do battle over the early morning noise. And immediately saw that Nate was still dead to the world in the tiny twin bed across from her, one long leg hanging out from under the fluffy down comforter and an equally long … Continue reading WIC5 Days 24-30 – Alcazaba Malaga