End of an Era.

Well, maybe not an era, really.  But seven years, anyway – almost a fifth of my entire life!  The biz has been closed for a couple months now, but scraping the sign off the window today really made it feel final, like the click of the latch on a door closing behind me.  Today was also my last day of childcare, so starting tomorrow I’m a full-on-five-long-days-a-week-stay-at-home-mom.

Taking down the sign was sad – but you know what wasn’t sad?  The rent check from the new tenant!

Now I’m off to celebrate with some Thin Mints and perhaps a Samoa or two.

Kate, if you are reading this, that last sentence was a typo and in fact says “a very healthy apple and a big glass of water”.

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Choc-tacular at the Truffle Shop

The Truffle Shop

The annual no-holds-barred Day of Chocolate at the Truffle Shop is just around the corner – check out the details on the Truffle Blog – and if you’re in the Portland area, make sure you stop by and say hi!

Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendars!

Peppermint Bark

Just a quick post to let you know that my biz, Truffle, has a special pre-order going for our chocolate filled Advent Calendars – now through August 15th.  Check it out over at the Truffle blog!

Back soon with more berry recipes – my garden is overflowing!