Quick and Easy Easter

Chocolate Truffle Bunny, from Truffle!

I know, I’m late to the Easter planning party!  Most of you have probably already made all your plans, picked your menus, and dyed your eggs.  I’m always a little behind with holidays like Easter, since the chocolate biz is crazy for a couple weeks before the big day – I never seem to have time to do any of my own stuff in advance!  But, if you are behind the eight ball, like I am, the least I can do is share some links and ideas with you.  Most of these things are right up my alley – as in, not a ton of ingredients, simple to make/do, not a lot of time or prep involved.  That’s how I roll.  Otherwise, I’d never get anything done!  Wait, actually . . . I don’t get much done.  Never mind.

Ideas for eating:

Easter definitely means pastries, don’t you think?  From the Chocolate & Toast archives, I’m eye-ing these babies:

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Brunch for Mom

Holy carpe diem, did you know Mother’s Day is this Sunday?!  Was it not just New Year’s Day, like, yesterday?  Sigh.  I wish time wouldn’t keep speeding up on me.  At any rate, in case you are as behind-the-times as I am, I thought I would post some quick links to my favorite easy-peasy yummy things that you can whip up in no time this weekend.  Mom deserves to be spoiled, after all.

In order with above pictures, starting at the top, from left to right:

Bacon Kale Mushroom Quiche

Butter Crumb Cakes

Dead Simple Chocolate Tart

Leek and Mushroom Tart

Ham and Gruyere Bread Pudding

Passionfruit Pound Cake

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

Fresh Fruit Galette

Brown Sugar Yogurt Cake with Blueberries

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to you all, I’ll be back next week with some new baked deliciousness to share!

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Dead Simple (And Delicious) Chocolate Tart

I know what you are thinking.  Who posts something like this on the evening before Thanksgiving?!  You’ve already planned your menu, you’ve done your grocery shopping, heck, you’ve probably prepped half the meal!  And here I am throwing something at you in the twelth hour. Twelth, is that a real word?

I’m sorry to do this to you, I am.  But this really is a dead simple tart.  And you might even have all the ingredients hanging around.  If you didn’t have the cookies for the crust, you could easily sub in a pre-baked tart (pastry) crust.  It’s the filling, all that smooth, creamy ganache, that makes this a star.  And the fact that it comes together in no time, doesn’t require any space in the oven, and is perfect all by itself, or simply adorned with some whipped cream.  And it pairs beautifully with pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie.  And it really makes my sister in law happy, since she doesn’t like pie.  *gasp*

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Leek and Mushroom Tart

leek mushroom tart

This is my go-to recipe when we have overnight guests–you can prep the leeks, mushroom and crust in advance, and then just throw together the liquid ingredients and pop it in the oven in the morning.  By the time you’ve tanked up on caffeine and put out a bowl of fruit, the tart is baked and beautiful and your guests think they’re staying at a B&B.  Which is fabulous . . . as long as they still leave!

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