Sugar Cookies: Two Tone, Layered and Stained Glass


This time of year has always been my favorite – I love the change in the weather (yes, even here in soggy Portland), I love the feeling of wrapping up the current year and preparing for the new one, and I love the food.  FOOOOOOOOOOD.  Turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rolls and pie, oh my – followed by Continue reading

Filled Sugar Cookies

filled sugar cookiesWhen I was 20, I took a break from college and ended up moving around a bit.  A bit, meaning I went from Boulder, Colorado, where I was in school, to Illinois to visit family, to Bucharest, Romania, where I lived with my dad and stepmom for nine months (which was originally supposed to be a visit of 6 weeks or so), and then on to Blackfoot, Idaho, where I lived with my mom for about a year, before finally landing in Portland, Oregon, where I live now.  A strange and interesting time in my life, and one that brings up all kinds of feelings of anxiety.  Which also may explain why, out of all those places and all the memories I could tell from that time in my life, I’m choosing this one to tell . . .

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