Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies

UPDATE 5 APRIL 2012: Hold the phone, people! I just made these again with a different recipe – adapted from Five Flavor Sugar Cookies, over at Cookie Madness – and they were The Bomb.  I do not say this lightly.  The mix of vanilla, lemon, rum, and coconut works perfectly to make these cookies taste like Easter and spring all wrapped in one neat little package. Photos and recipe in this post have now been updated with the new recipe.  If you want just a plain old, plain old version you can use the sugar cookie recipe from the Sugar Cookie Bites with Nutella Nests post.  Now go forth and bake!

Yesterday I was taking pictures of the sweet miniature daffodils at the park near our house.  Today, those adorable little daffys were covered in snow.  Snow!  In March!  At sea level!  Pbblllt.  I’m ready for spring, people.  Continue reading

The Winnnnahhhh!

I love spring crocuses, don’t you?

I also love giveaways.  Without further ado, THE WINNER of my first blogging giveaway is . . . .

Chelsea Rebecca!

Here’s Chelsea’s comment from the last post:

“i love chocolate with peanut butter!

and because i’m broke dove has been the chocolate of choice! ha. but i am crossing my fingers to win this INCREDIBLE giveaway!”

This winner brought to you by the random number generator at  I SWEAR I didn’t even give in to the tug on the heartstrings comment, or the fact that I also love chocolate and peanut butter the best.  Apparently, is also a mind reader. Chelsea, you’ll be receiving your gift card shortly!

Thank you all for your fun comments!  I’ve got some yummy recipes to post soon, hopefully in the next few days.

Happy Spring (for those of you with sunny skies and spring buds out there)!  And to those of you midwest and East Coasters – Happy Hot Chocolate!