Roasted Beet and Chevre Salad

roasted beet saladI love the colors of fall . . . the yellows and greens and burnt umbers of fall leaves, the still (sometimes) blue sky, everything earthy and gorgeous, and somehow more humble and subdued . . . or maybe more mature, yeah, that’s it, mature, than the bright boldness of summer.  And the produce!  Oh, the produce is the best–apples in every hue, rainbow colors of beets and potatoes, and the beginning of all things squash.  The changing of seasons, and even better, a reminder of the approaching holiday season, the best time of all!

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Wilted Spinach Salad with Roasted Garbanzos and Tomatoes

wilted spinach salad

I clipped this recipe from our local newspaper’s food section a few years back–you know, back when we still got a paper newspaper.  At some point my husband stopped reading it, and I got tired of the stacks of paper recycling piling up, and so, no more paper delivery.  I get all my news online anyway–part of the trend that is slowly sinking newspaper companies across the country.  Sad, but true.  Every once in a while I do miss the paper-in-the-morning-with-a-cup-of-coffee thing, but really I only miss the food section–which only came once a week–and had started to go seriously downhill anyway.  Ahh, but I digress.  This post is about salad.  Quick, healthy salad, bursting with flavors.

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Buttermilk Horseradish Dressing

buttermilk horseradish closeup

It was 106 degrees here yesterday.  Let me say that again:  ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES.  It was 102 the day before that, and 100 the day before that, and it is supposed to be 100 again today.

People, I live in Portland, Oregon!  Home of perpetually gray skies and rain!  I am not mentally or physically prepared for this.  And it certainly is curtailing my will to make any sort of food involving heat.  You know, like cooking or baking.  Or standing upright at the stove.  Really, all I want to do is lay in front of the fan with a very large gin & tonic, and a sippy straw.  Join me?

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