Herbed Sourdough Rolls

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately.  And food.  I mean, I’m always thinking about food.  So now I’m thinking about food, and about family, and about how the two relate.

That’s a lot of thinking.  I’m really quite tired.

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Honey Bran Whole Wheat from Farmgirl


Is there anything prettier than some just-baked bread?  I think not.  Sorry, super models.

Don’t get me wrong–I’ll admit, I too suffered through the craziness of Low Carb and Carb-Free Eating.  I bought the ticket.  I jumped fully on the bandwagon.  I even (gasp) put my breadmaker in the basement for a couple years.  Thankfully, all phases pass.  I’m solidly in my mid-30’s now, and while I exercise often and faithfully, I also completely own the saddlebags that have now found a home on the outside of my thighs.  I earned that baggage.  Why not love it?

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