Pumpkin Oat Bread

Hey!  Just thought I’d pop in and give you a quick update.  And hey, thanks for stopping by and checking on me.  I know you are out there, I see you on my site stats!  So, thanks.

Guess what?  In October, I (a) sold a house, (b) bought a house, and (c) landed a HUGE contract for my chocolate business.  Oh, and I worked the last 12 days in a row.  The first two things happened with the help of my husband of course – and the third is happening with his (long-suffering) support.  As in, he’s been doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning and general taking care of business around our house!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

So, I went straight from The Blahs into a full-on winter cold.  Which feels ironic, since we’ve been experiencing what I call “Fake Spring” here in the Pacific Northwest–unseasonably warm temperatures, a suspicious lack of water falling from the sky, and *gasp* sunshine.  And since I haven’t been sick, really for real sick, in more than two years, I’m being a big baby about it.  A BIG WHINING BABY.  I am sitting on the couch all day, sniffling and moaning and blowing my nose.  Fortunately, the only witnesses are the dog and the cat, and they ain’t talkin’.

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