Bunnies! And, Fresh Marshmallow.


*UPDATE NOVEMBER 9, 2011:  Holy Smokes, People, this recipe was messed up!  To anyone who may have used it in the last two and a half years (*gasp*), my heartfelt apologies.  Apparently when I was converting it from the super large batch I make for my business to a normal person sized batch, I mucked up the sugar ratio.  Yikes.  I just referred back to the blog recipe because I was making marshmallow at home, and (after two failed batches) figured out the problem!  Recipe below is now updated and should work properly.  You may now whip without fear.*

It’s only the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and already my mind is on Easter.  I can’t help it, Easter is absolutely my favorite (confectionary) holiday.  The jelly beans, the chocolate bunnies, the peeps & chicks, I love it all.  Well–not true, actually, I only love the peeps & chicks that I make from scratch, not the scary ones you buy at the store.  You know those boxes are probably the same ones they put out last year, don’t you?  (shudder)

Here are a few of the things I’m working on:

small-bunny-trioGanache Filled Chocolate Bunnies

peeps-chicksThe Afore-mentioned Peeps & Chicks

cupcake-topper-trioAnd . . . cupcake toppers!  These include piped chocolate, modeling clay, and some pint-sized peeps.

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