Chocolate Compost Cookies

I have never been an “it” girl. If you asked anyone to describe me, the word “fashionable” would never occur to them. Hip? Trendy? Edgey? No, no, and golly no. I blame it on my Idaho upbringing-you know, back in the days before the internets and cell phones and such, when po-dunk places like my hometown Continue reading

Caramelized White Chocolate Rocky Road

People, let it be known – I have found Confectionery Nirvana.  And it lives at the intersection of David Lebovitz and Shauna Sever.  Which should come as no surprise to any of you who spend any time drooling over reading food blogs.

It all started way back in 2009 when I saw David’s post about caramelized white chocolate.  It immediately caught my eye, since I often have white chocolate “discards” from my business – pieces which chipped when they came out of a mold, which can’t be melted down again because they have cocoa butter designs which change the color of the chocolate.  Still tasty, but as I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, what to do with all of it?  Enter David Lebovitz – also known as My Hero – and his super easy (and brilliant) technique of slow cooking the white chocolate until all the sugars caramelize Continue reading

Rocky Road Popcorn

One of my favorite snacks has always been popcorn.  Growing up, we used to have family TV nights (those were the days we didn’t watch TV constantly, remember that?) where we would gather around a big bowl of popcorn and watch the latest episode of Battlestar Gallactica.  You know, the original version.  With Dirk Benedict as Starbuck.  Dreamy.  *sigh*

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Rocky Road No Bake Bars

It’s Friday afternoon.  Motivation is gone.  Snack-ivation is in full force.  What’s a girl to do?

Make the easiest cookies EVER – and then make them even better with mini marshmallows and crunchy salted peanuts!

And then eat the whole pan and feel very very bad for a while.

I should not be left at home, unattended, with chocolate and marshmallows and peanuts in the house.  While I’m pregnant.  Or, you know, EVER.

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Peanut Fanatic

feridies peanut can

Ahhh, sorry, out of town and (gasp) without much of an internet connection for the last 6 days.  But more about that later.  Right now, I need to tell you something.  I am a peanut fanatic.  Born and bred, from a long line of peanut–and more importantly, peanut butter–fanatics.  Some of my earliest memories are of my grandfather spreading peanut butter on his slice of ice cream . . . yes, slice, because he would always open up the rectangular carton of ice cream and cut it into slices.  An engineer at heart.  And my dad, melting a combination of peanut butter and butter, to pour over freshly popped popcorn before our family TV nights (Battlestar Gallactica, anyone?).  Just the memory makes my mouth water.

We spread peanut butter on our pancakes and french toast, before adding syrup.  We always chose the peanut butter milkshake at the ice cream place in the summer, and peanut butter pie–oh my–with a thick layer of whipped cream topping was always a favorite dessert.  And peanuts, oh peanuts we ate by the fistful.

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