Sugar Cookies: Two Tone, Layered and Stained Glass


This time of year has always been my favorite – I love the change in the weather (yes, even here in soggy Portland), I love the feeling of wrapping up the current year and preparing for the new one, and I love the food.  FOOOOOOOOOOD.  Turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rolls and pie, oh my – followed by Continue reading

Putting the Bake back in No-Bakes

Did you grow up with Chocolate No-Bake Cookies?  That glorious, super simple, and super fast concoction of butter/sugar/cocoa/oats?  I did.  They were one of the first sweet treats I was allowed to make entirely by myself, and I can’t even imagine how many batches of them my brother and I devoured, home alone after school while mom was at work.  I grew up with the peanut butter version–seeing as we’re such a peanut butter family and all–but I’ve made plenty of the “plain” variety as well.

A couple years back a friend of mine started a cookie company, and spent a holiday season selling them at the Truffle shop with me.  One way or another the subject of no-bake cookies came up, and I begged her to make some.  She did, and she sold out of them (the ones I didn’t eat, anyway) almost immediately.  She couldn’t believe it–why would somebody buy a cookie that is so easy to make?  But, of course, hers were beyond awesome thanks to a secret ingredient (which I will not reveal!), so it was no surprise to me.  And, who can turn down a no-bake cookie?!  Not me.

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