Recipe For a Sweet Start


A few months before my 30th birthday (umm, a few years ago now), I was taking stock of my life and somehow coming up short.  I had the wonderful husband, beautiful home, friends, hobbies, career, etc. . . . but somehow I still felt empty.  I was missing my bliss.  Since then, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life–some small and seemingly insignificant, and some so big I even surprised myself.  I learned a lot, and mostly I learned that you can find a bit of bliss in every day, if you just look for it.

Chocolate & Toast is about the bliss I find in my life–in chocolate, in a loaf of freshly baked bread, in so many things large and small, edible and otherwise.

I hope you’ll share the journey with me!


1 piece thickly sliced, freshly toasted, really good bread

1 hunk chocolate, any kind you like

1 mug of your favorite hot drink

Find a comfy spot, think happy thoughts, and savor life!