Munchable Bunnies

Gourmet Easter Chocolates from Truffle

Easter now available at Truffle!  Check out the details on the Truffle Blog, or click straight on through to the main Truffle website!

Choc-tacular at the Truffle Shop

The Truffle Shop

The annual no-holds-barred Day of Chocolate at the Truffle Shop is just around the corner – check out the details on the Truffle Blog – and if you’re in the Portland area, make sure you stop by and say hi!

Gone but not Forgotten

I’m not totally gone, and I haven’t completely forgotten about my poor little blog.  I’m just OVER-THE-TOP busy, as in, working 12+ hour days, seven days a week right now.  Making all the stuff you see above, plus a whole lot more.  I dipped more than 400 truffles this afternoon alone–I’m not sure I will ever get all the chocolate off my hands!  ‘Tis the season to love what I do!  But don’t worry, I will be back, I really will . . . .