Kicking Out the Old


Well, this was a heck of a year, wasn’t it???  Natural disasters, man-made nightmares, a presidential election . . . phew, I’m worn out from it all.  It’s time to move on, pack up the holiday decorations, clear out the cobwebs and start fresh again.

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Pardon my language, but it is February, after all.


Lesson learned:  never text with your personal trainer during Girl Scout Cookie Season.  And never, ever, admit on Facebook how many boxes of cookies you have already eaten.  Especially if you are FB friends with said personal trainer.

This is going to hurt.

2011 in Words. Scary, Scary Words.

You’d think that after dishing out only 21 new posts this year, there would be little to put in a year end round up.  Ohhhh, but you would be wrong.  I find that you, my friends, can be far more interesting than me.  The 38,139 of you who have stopped by this place in the last two and a half years.  The 50 or so of you who still stop by every day, even without a new post to lure you in.  What brings you here?

Very. Interesting. Things.

Keywords, people.  Those words you punch into a search engine when you want to find something.  Words like . . .

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