Caramelized White Chocolate Rocky Road

People, let it be known – I have found Confectionery Nirvana.  And it lives at the intersection of David Lebovitz and Shauna Sever.  Which should come as no surprise to any of you who spend any time drooling over reading food blogs.

It all started way back in 2009 when I saw David’s post about caramelized white chocolate.  It immediately caught my eye, since I often have white chocolate “discards” from my business – pieces which chipped when they came out of a mold, which can’t be melted down again because they have cocoa butter designs which change the color of the chocolate.  Still tasty, but as I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, what to do with all of it?  Enter David Lebovitz – also known as My Hero – and his super easy (and brilliant) technique of slow cooking the white chocolate until all the sugars caramelize Continue reading


This is White Chocolate. Carmelized.

carmelized white choc

I’ll admit it, I’m generally not much of a white chocolate fan.  That’s not to say I won’t eat it–I do have a chocolate business, after all!  And I certainly would never turn down a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  Ever.

But this . . . . oh, my . . . this incredible concoction that isn’t even a concoction, because that would imply that there are multiple ingredients, and really it is just white chocolate . . . this brings me to a place where my brain stops processing and my fingers stop typing and I’m licking the spoon and the bowl and the baking pan and, well, are there decency ratings for blogs?  I should probably stop now.

So.  The picture above, yes indeedy, that is white chocolate.  Like you have never experienced it before.  It’s like the good friend that you had in grade school, the one you didn’t see all summer, but then when you went back to school there she was and WOW, suddenly you missed her and you couldn’t believe you’d gone months without spending every second glued to her side. Let’s not skip ahead to the part where she stabs you in the back and starts rumors about you . . . that part comes much, much later.  Let’s just go with the happy part, the part where you are inseparable and just so happy, yes?

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