Cinnamon Sugar Cream Scones

It’s Friday.  On Fridays, I have only two jobs:  keep the baby alive, and clean the house.  Today I’m hoping for a 50% success rate. Continue reading

Make Your Own Butter


Considering my love of fresh made confections (like caramel and marshmallow), not to mention anything bread-like, you’d think I would have made my own butter by now.  It’s easy, it’s been here, there, and everywhere on food blogs that I love, and it all starts with cream–which, as a professional truffle maker, I happen to have a lot of.  But no, this was actually a first for me.  A major first, because I am now absolutely unequivocally declaring my love for fresh-made butter.  No food coloring.  Salted or unsalted, flavored, whipped, anyway you like it, and seriously–YUM.  And the bonus?  Fresh buttermilk, which of course went immediately into buttermilk biscuits (next post).  To be eaten with butter.


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