Chocolate Modeling Clay, Pt. 3

chocolate clay springerleYou’d think from looking at this blog that I haven’t been cooking much lately–which really isn’t true.  I’ve just been stuck in round after round of reruns–lots of pesto, hummus, buttermilk biscuits, salads with buttermilk horseradish dressing.  I have a few things waiting in the wings to post . . . oven roasted tomatoes (my garden is still overflowing!), a roasted beet salad with chevre . . . simple things, nothing fussy or complicated.  But all I can think about are the cookies I’d like to be baking, the triple layer banana cake I’d really like to make with all those bananas stacking up in my freezer, the chocolate fudge recipe that I still need to tinker with, sigh.

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