Lemon Lime Icebox Pie

I should not be allowed to go into Walgreens.  Fact.  Particularly when I have a baby sleeping (finally!) peacefully in the stroller, and absolutely nowhere I have to be any time soon.  Recipe for disaster.  It’s like strolling right back into my early teenage years . . . right up to and including the bad soft rock music playing on the store’s sound system.  I can sing along with “Rocket Man”, oh yes oh yes I can.  And “Dream Weaver”, and “Wildfire” and “Killing Me Softly.”  All that nostalgia almost makes me want to shop for fake nails and a hair highlighting kit.  Almost.

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Brown Sugar Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

I am happy to announce that summer has (FINALLY) arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  This means I will stop posting about the atrocious weather related news headlines we’ve had, and I will stop whining about grayness and rain, and I will brighten things up around here with some lovely, summery confections.

On the other hand, as soon as we’ve had five days in a row over 80 degrees, I will start complaining about the heat.

I am a true Portlander.

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frozen yogurt

My husband is–or was–an ice cream fanatic.  When I met him, he would put away a full pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one short sitting, usually around midnight, after eating a full dinner.  Without ever gaining a pound.  How I fell in love with him, I will never know.  Luckily for me, he doesn’t do the full pint of ice cream trick much any more, especially in his new found “nutrition” phase.  Well, at least not as much.

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