Double Chocolate Cherry Cobbler


So, I turned forty recently. FORTY. For the most part, I like birthdays and I have no problem getting older. But for some reason, this one is throwing me for a bit of a loop. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now, and being a mom is making me nostalgic. And being nostalgic means I’m remembering all the fun things I’ve done over the years (many, MANY years) and for the first time feeling like the door is starting to close a little in my life. Continue reading

Carmelized Banana Cake with Bourbon and Pecans

Woot!  I managed to make a tiny dent in my freezer banana stash!  And by tiny, I mean *tiny*.  As in, three bananas down, out of twent- two total.  Twenty-two bananas, that’s just ridiculous.  And the only way to keep that pile from growing is to do all the grocery shopping myself.  If the hubster does it, he buys another 8 bananas.  Every single week.

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Wonton Fruit Cups

Did you have a nice holiday weekend?  I did!  It was an All-American Good Time in my neighborhood – a block party, beer, barbecue, music and games in the street, all topped off with some fireworks lighting up the faces of kids and adults alike.  Even the cloudy, not-so-warm weather couldn’t get us down.  Perhaps because that is the same weather we have every year for the 4th.  But in good weather news – we’re headed toward 85 today and up into the 90’s for the rest of the week!  Stay tuned, I’ll be complaining about the heat soon.

But I digress.

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Pineapple Upside Down Carrot Cupcakes

We had a beautiful weekend here in Portland, sunny and in the 70’s, the perfect antidote to a difficult week of re-entry from vacation.  I planted tomatoes and peppers (both sweet and hot!) and parsley and a passionflower vine in the garden, drank a beer on a neighbor’s back deck and coo-ed at their new little twin babies, and went to a barbecue at a friends house.  Blissful.  And then woke up this morning to 48 degrees, gray skies, and drizzle.  Ahh, well.  Reality bites.

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Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

blueberry oat bars

What do you do when you need a last minute dessert for a spontaneous dinner party?  Well, if it’s July, you sprint out to your garden and strip every ripe blueberry off your bushes, whip up your favorite oatmeal cookie dough, spread it in a pan, top it with berries, and pat yourself on the back while it bakes.  And, if your dinner party happens to include your favorite nutritionist/personal trainer/gym owner friend, you make sure to modify that oatmeal cookie recipe, oh, just a tad . . . less sugar, some whole wheat flour, just enough of a tweak so that you can look your friend in the eye.  Oh, and cut the bars small.  I missed that part.  Oops.

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Fresh Fruit Galette

fruit galette

Did someone say raspberries?  Oh yeah, that was me.  I’m overrun with raspberries these days, I can’t keep up with picking them.  Our patch is all of 4 feet long, one row, but I have never seen this many berries before!  Blueberries, too–our two little bushes are literally falling over with the weight of all the berries.  We’ve been putting them in drinks, blending them into smoothies, and tossing them back by the handful, but there are still more just waiting . . .

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