Okay, so here it is – my twice a year blog post where I say ‘wow, it’s been a long time’ and ‘geez, I’ve been busy’ and ‘hey, is anybody still out there????’ And then I say things like I’m going to ‘post more often’ and I’ve got lots of ‘great stuff lined up’ and then another six months go by with just a blinking cursor on the screen.

Nope, not this time. I won’t do it. I won’t rehash the same lines. No more hamster wheel. I will start fresh and simply post this:

Life is good.
And I’ll be back.
I will.

Meanwhile, from the archives . . .

One year ago on C&T: Honey Marshmallows (no corn syrup!)

Two years ago on C&T: *crickets*

Three years ago on C&T: PB Cookie Peep S’more

Four years ago on C&T: Cocktails in Paradise

Five years ago on C&T: Salted Butter Caramel and The Booziest Cookies I Ever Did Make

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