2011 in Words. Scary, Scary Words.

You’d think that after dishing out only 21 new posts this year, there would be little to put in a year end round up.  Ohhhh, but you would be wrong.  I find that you, my friends, can be far more interesting than me.  The 38,139 of you who have stopped by this place in the last two and a half years.  The 50 or so of you who still stop by every day, even without a new post to lure you in.  What brings you here?

Very. Interesting. Things.

Keywords, people.  Those words you punch into a search engine when you want to find something.  Words like . . .

*real sick*

*cool cookie*

*fake water spring*

*sorry pictures in babies*

*inside my body*

*wood mold powder*

Really?  Wood mold powder?  And please, does this seem like the kind of place where I talk about internal organs? Read my lips, I will post no sorry pictures of babies here.

To be fair, not all of your searches are quite so odd.  Some of you are simply looking for *pictures of dogs napping*.  And the ladies inquiring about *pregnant eat at red lobster*, and *can I eat chocolate pastry when I’m pregnant* . . . I feel you.  I do.

There are plenty of actual food related search terms, although many of them often lead me to wonder exactly what you were really thinking . . .

*clay model of chocolate*

*cupcake 37*

*who toast the chocolate*

*busted can of biscuits*

*ice cream sugar*

*chocolate and alcohol*

*pesto animal*

*banana boat we’ve got you covered*

*marshmallow peeps burn*

*chocolate pork taco*

But there is one in particular from this year that I must address directly.  To the nameless, faceless soul out there who came to this blog with the simple phrase *is chocolate good on toast* – I assure you, yes, yes it is.

Best wishes for a feast-filled 2012!

Other noteworthy tidbits:

Top post this year: Mint Infused Simple Syrup.

Top search, all time: ribbon cookies.  Third highest?  Buffalo.

Total comments, all time: 248. (from 38,139 visitors.  you people are the strong, silent type!)

One year ago on C&T: Caramel Cheesecake Pastries (yum!)

Two years ago on C&T: Ham and Gruyere Bread Pudding

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