St. Patty’s Recipe Round Up

It's raining shamrocks! Or, in Portland, just raining.

When I first moved to Portland, oh, umpteen million years ago, I worked at a downtown shop called Kathleen’s of Dublin.  (Oh look, it still exists!) The shop sells all kinds of Irish goods, from clothing to ceramics to food – all of it on the upscale end of things, not the usual trinkets and toys.  It was fun to work there, and I ended up with a love of all things Irish.  In fact, my husband and I – though neither of us have any Irish heritage to speak of – ended up with wedding rings featuring a Celtic knotwork design.  I’m pretty sure we bought our bands at Kathleen’s – but to be honest, I’m pregnant and the baby ate my brain, so I can’t swear that anything I say has a basis in fact at this point.

At any rate, I still love Irish music and Irish food and oh, the beer . . .

*cue video montage of ice cold beer glasses dripping with condensation, a loud pub full of people smiling and singing cheerful irish tunes*

Sorry, got lost there for a moment, daydreaming a bit.

If only I could have a beer, sigh.  And some Bailey’s.  Heck, I’d even drool over a shot of Jameson right now . . .except it is 10am and I’m pregnant and that’s very wrong.  Instead, let’s talk food.  Okay, so, food with some alcohol in it, too.  I’m not perfect.  Here’s a quick round up of things I have my beady eyes locked on:

  • Irish Car Bomb Brownies with a brilliant technique for adding a shamrock design on top of each brownie, from Endless Simmer.  Classic brownie base with a healthy dose of Guiness mixed in, plus a cheesecake layer laced with Bailey’s, and oh yes, the shamrock design on top is brownie with Jameson whiskey mixed in.  Sheer goodness, and cute, to boot!
  • Also from Endless Simmer, keeping with the theme – 100 Ways to Cook With Guiness.  Oh my.  The Guiness Beer Can Chicken is genius, we’ve only used light beers for that.  However, guiness cheese?  Not so sure about that one.
  • And, no alcohol here, but a nod to my own Idaho childhood – Potato Candy – not made with potatoes, but made to look like potatoes!  Nummy mixture of butter, cream cheese, walnuts, and powdered sugar with vanilla and cinnamon, shaped into miniature spuds.  A Martha Stewart recipe, here via Munchkin Munchies.
  • Just to round things out and give you a balanced meal plan:  for all your Corned Beef Needs, whether with cabbage or all hashed up – recipes from Alton Brown on the Food Network.

UPDATE (because there is just too much good stuff out there on the webs):

And don’t forget the Irish Soda Bread, of course.  Which I will be making soon, because butter is currently one of my favorite food groups.

Until I post again (which may be very soon) . . . may the road rise up to meet you!

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