Choco-case Giveaway! (and win some CHOCOLATE, too!)

Remember way back in April, when I was all happy and bopping around to warm weather and tropical locales?  It seems like an eternity has passed since then.  And since I know that Portland has had almost 5 full inches of rain since then, it might as well have been eternity.  Gray, drippy, eternity.  All of you lucky people living . . . well, practically anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest, I hope you are really, really enjoying your dry, sunny, lovely weather.  Here, we have front page newspaper headlines that read “Dear Rain: You Win. Sincerely, Portland.

And that’s really saying something.

So, as I was saying, waaaaaaay back in April, I was a happy, relaxed and somewhat less pasty-white of skin tone . . . but my phone, my poor phone was suffering!  In case you were wondering, this is what a black Iphone case looks like after two weeks of sun exposure, with no Banana Boat 50spf Sport Sunscreen to save it:


As a result, I got online as soon as we got home and ordered up a new case.  Actually, I ordered up something far more fun than a plain old case – I ordered up a custom skin for my phone, using photos of truffles.  My truffles.  From my business.  (Duh.)  Here’s my new customized phone, thanks to the custom options at SkinIt:

In the meantime, I also received in the mail a fun new “Choco-Case” . . . which was offered up to me by MobileFun for product review, and which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about.   And you know what that means . . . GIVEAWAY!

The Choco-Case is soft, lightweight plastic, and wraps easily around your phone.  When your phone is sitting screen-side down, it looks like a chocolate bar!  Not so much as to tempt someone to pick it up and eat it, but fun just the same!  And it comes in a cute box package which looks just like chocolate bars you might find in Europe (MobileFun is from the UK).

In full disclosure, I should say that MobileFun did not pay me in any way, just offered up a free case for review.  I like the case just fine, but wouldn’t use it personally because I tend to drop my phone, and I need a harder, more protective shell.  The Choco-case also makes the phone a bit larger than I like.  But I also think there are a lot of people who would love it just for the fun of it, and for the unique appearance.

If you are one of those people, then get your typing fingers ready and leave a comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway.

AND, get ready – I’m even going to sweeten the deal by tossing in an assortment of real, delicious chocolate goodies from my biz, Truffle!

So, if you are ready now, here’s the deal:

Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite Iphone app* – no later than 5pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, June 18th SUNDAY, JUNE 20TH – to be entered to win this Iphone Choco-case AND real chocolate treats from Truffle!

*not an Iphone user?  then tell me about the last chocolate thing you ate or made!

And because I know that someone will ask – I give the skin and case I got from Skinit mixed reviews.  I love the idea of having a customized image on my phone, but the front pieces look a little hokey – pretty much like stickers stuck to my phone.  And the clear protective case is helpful (as I mentioned I’m a phone dropper) but makes it almost impossible to use the buttons, especially the on/off button at the top of the phone.  I’ll probably replace the case in a few months.  I’ll let you know if I find something that meets all of my needs – fun, protective, not too bulky, and reasonably priced!

UPDATE:  What, you want details?  Just the words “free chocolate” aren’t enough to entice you to comment on this post? Okay then, here are your chocolate details.  The winner of this giveaway will receive, in addition to the Choco Case shown above, the following Truffle chocolates:

Truffle Mini Assortment: four Cinnamon Chile Squares, four assorted Truffles, and a Morello Cherry Heart.

Chocolate Bars: an assortment of our gourmet handcrafted chocolate bars.

Chocolate Tiles: an assortment of eight of our solid chocolate Tiles, decorated with gorgeous edible cocoa butter designs.

Total Retail Value: $40

One year ago on C&T:  Fro-Yo


13 thoughts on “Choco-case Giveaway! (and win some CHOCOLATE, too!)

  1. I don’t have any apps I love as I’m not a tech girl but I AM a chocolate lover!! I didn’t want an iphone but hubby got one for me and the daughter. My husband’s favorite app is from USAA. You can take a picture of your check, front and back, send it to the bank and deposit your check. Pretty cool!!!

    I’m anxious to see all the other apps. I’m going to check out the hipstamatic referenced above!

  2. I love Jamie Olivers new app for recipes, really handy way to view and do them, what a fab case, will make me hungry, oh and chococolate too, drooling now.


  3. I’m a knitter (and a chocolate lover) and one of my favorite apps is called KnitGuage. It has movable “needles” which you place on your knitting. You enter in the number of stitches between the “needles” and it will calculate your stitch guage. This is important if you are making something to a certain size (like a sweater, hat, etc).

  4. I do not own an iphone as I am not in the 2000’s yet but I bought my hubby an ipod touch. It is literally 2 days old so I cannot comment on my favorite app (other than facebook) but I will say that I JUST finished baking chocolate chocolate chip cookies for my son. His principal is retiring and they are having an afternoon tea for him and I volunteered cookies. There is not much better than warm chocolate chip cookies. I packaged some away for school and we have eaten almost all the rest. So that is the last chocolate thing I made AND ate.

  5. well…i am not an iphone user, tho i wanna be. badly. i think the hipstamatic photo thingy is supercool. and i’ve been using online to track calories, so i’d probably use the app from them.
    BUT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CALORIES ARE JUST FINE!!!!! i am a chocoaholic, and my last favorite chocolate experience was my raspberry buttercream topped chocolate cupcakes that i made for a family gathering, and coincidentally, my birthday. ahem.

  6. I love the Epicurious app! I also use the weather channel app much more than I thought I would –guess I’m a bit boring!

  7. I WISH I were an Iphone user, but I’m certainly a chocoholic. I just ate a chocolate sandwhich cookie so I guess that’s the last thing I’ve eaten. The last chocolate thing I made was a chocolate, mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake!

  8. My favorite app would have to be words with friends – it allows you to play scrabble with your friends without being in the same room. But better than any app is CHOCOLATE!

  9. My favorite app is Words with Friends — totally addicting. After I play with friends, I also kill way too much time with the free solitaire app. Oh, and the AT&T Mark The Spot app which allows you to tell AT&T where their coverage is lacking which is pretty much a 1/2 mile radius around my house. I doubt it does any good to tell them the coverage is bad, but at least it makes me feel like I’m doing something about it. 🙂

  10. No Iphone:(, but I want one. No app experience.

    The last chocolate thing I ate was leftover from my husband’s Christmas stocking (I try not to eat sweets, but sometimes you just NEED chocolate)–a piece of Tabasco-flavored chocolate that was a gift from daughter to dad. It wasn’t bad despite its age of 6+ months, but NOTHING like Truffle’s chili truffles. Mouth waters.

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