Vegas, Baby!

So I’m headed to Las Vegas tomorrow.  To play soccer, of all things.  I’ve never been to Vegas before, and since it is 82 degrees and sunny there, and it has been hailing in between rain showers here . . . well, let’s just say I’m super excited.

And I’m not sure I should declare this, because it may really get the hate mail flowing . . . but, after I get back home next Tuesday I’ll only have three days to unpack, do laundry, and repack before the hubster and I head to Maui.   I know, I know!  But hubster has been working really really hard for months now, and he really deserves a tropical break.  And I married him, so I get a break too.  Take note, young single ladies:  marry well!  And by well I mean marry a guy who is funny and works hard and likes you enough to take you on tropical vacations.  Nuff said.

So I have no recipes for you, none at all, and none to come until I’m done with the laying about and sipping fruity drinks . . . sometime in May.  But I would love to hear your recommendations for what to eat/drink/do (that don’t involve heights or upside down roller coaster thingies) in Las Vegas, and also Maui, if you care to share?  And I will post a few fun photos and stories along the way.  And remind you of recipes I posted about a year ago, so you can still get a little foodie fix . . .

Don’t hate the lazy blogger on vacation.  It happens the the best of us.  And the mediocre, too, apparently.

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