Irish Soda Bread

One of the most interesting – and entertaining – things about having a blog is seeing what search terms people use to find your site.  “Brain on toast”, really?  What was that person looking for, and why click on my blog in their search results?  There are no brains here, and we certainly won’t be serving any on toast.

The most frequent (unusual) search term I see is “long mint”.  I don’t know what long mint is, but it is popular enough to bring people to Chocolate & Toast about once a week.  Because I posted once about my mint plant, and some mint syrup.  Oh, and the death of my mint plant.  None of which were “long” in any way, shape, or form.

“Napping dog” was in there this week, too.  Not sure what that person really wanted, but my dog naps a LOT, so I guess they are looking in the right place.  If this blog was about my dog.  And his naps.

I’ll have to keep better track of weird search terms, because there have been some good ones.  Most of which I can’t recall right now . . . because, you know, I’m a little short on brains.  But I’ve got lots of toast!

None of this has anything to do with Irish Soda Bread, but let me tell you, that’s some tasty stuff.  I’ve been meaning to make it for years and somehow kept forgetting–but not this time.  I’ll be on a plane to San Diego on St. Patrick’s Day, so I had my bread-filled celebration a tad early.  But that just means that now you have time to go buy the ingredients and make some yourself!  It’s super easy to throw together, and delightfully yummy.

I went with this recipe from Simply Recipes.  It’s not strictly traditional–that would include only flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt.  Which I’m sure is very good too.  But this recipe adds some butter and an egg, for richness, plus a bit of sugar and a cup of raisins for sweetness.  It had the perfect crispy outside, tender crumb inside, just barely sweet, perfect for slathering with butter.  Or eating plain.  Or absolutely stuffing yourself silly with, which we did.  The picture above was taken at 9:45am, just after I pulled it out of the oven.  The loaf was easily 10 inches in diameter, maybe more.  The picture below was taken at 5pm.  And there are only two people in my household.

Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Irish Soda Bread

  1. So glad you liked it! That soda bread is so good the first day that it’s kind of hard not to eat up. And I love it slathered with butter too. Honey. Mmmmm. 🙂

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