Links, for lack of time!

springerle cookies unbaked

This week is practically gone and not a recipe in hand to post . . . but so many I have my eye on!  The picture above is a batch of cookies that I’ve been messing around with, not ready to post yet, but I started with Pioneer Woman’s shortbread cookie recipe, which is spectacular as is, of course, I highly recommend it.  Other stuff I’ve bookmarked and hope to get to sometime soon:

This ridiculously yummy cake at Sugar Plum – layers of chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookie, cookie dough ice cream, topped off with chocolate ganache.  I’m doing my birthday over this year, just for this cake!

I’m taking this week off of sugar (so wrong), but I really want to be stuffing my face with this buttery thing from Cake Spy.  Seems like I remember something like this from childhood, but I’m going to have to test it out, you know, just to be sure.

If I had these Chocolate Espresso Sandwich Cookies from Joy the Baker in hand right now, my life would be complete.  And maybe I would get enough of a caffeine kick to bust through my to do list today.  It’s getting me down, man!

I’m going to need some good huckleberry recipes soon, my single huckleberry bush in the garden is completely weighed down with berries this year.  Now I just have to find the time to pick those little buggers . . . sigh.  I can’t believe it is September already.

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