Samoa Bars


I missed Girl Scout Cookie season this year.  Missed it entirely.  Not that I’m a girl scout cookie fanatic or anything–I don’t count down the days till next year’s sale, or obsessively track the flavors offered, or anything (I’m not joking, people do this!).  But I do like that once a year, completely guilt ridden, eat a whole box and hope no one notices, experience.  Not just any flavor, mind you.  I’m only a sucker for Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tag Alongs.  And for the 13 years that I worked in a cube in an office, I hardly ever bought my own box–my coworkers always had me covered.  Boxes would start popping up in conference rooms, the lunch room, next to the fax and copier, and sometimes even my own desk.

And this is how I came to my current predicament–I quit my office job last year.  And then I made a swap with my husband for household duties–I do the cleaning, he does the grocery shopping.  Which seems like a small thing until you realize that not working in an office and not going to the grocery store on weekends means YOU MISS THE WHOLE GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON.  When did I realize this?  The weekend that my husband and I stopped by the grocery store together, and as we entered the store he said to me in a very firm tone of voice, “We are not buying any Girl Scout Cookies.”  Hunh?  What?  Wait a minute!  But the sale was already over, there were no cute little girlies waiting to practice their sales pitch on me.  And believe me, the husband could not have stopped me from buying.  He works in an office, so he’d already had his fix.

That was quite a few weeks ago, and I just finally made good on feeding my craving.  Thanks to Baking Bites, where you will find a whole series of girl scout cookie inspired recipes (and lots of other great stuff).  I went with the Samoa Bar recipe, mostly for ease and quickness.  Although, I did a few crazy things due to laziness and lack of ingredients.  I made fresh caramel for the bars, because I’m telling you, it is SO GOOD.  Make sure to budget in extra time if you do this, because you will find yourself frozen in time standing at the sink licking clean every surface of every utensil and container that the caramel touches.  Note to self: make sure caramel is cool before licking things.


So I made the caramel, but then I ran out of sugar.  I had to use brown sugar in the cookie dough, which was fine, but brown sugar lends a bit of caramel taste, which I don’t necessarily think you want in a cookie that is topped with caramel–you don’t get as much distinction in taste between the cookie layer and the caramel layer.  And then I didn’t measure out my caramel and my coconut, so I ended up with a caramel layer that probably didn’t have enough coconut in it.  And I didn’t add the milk to the caramel topping, so it was harder to spread.  And by that time I was getting really anxious to stop messing with the cookies and start eating them, so I just plain didn’t bother with the bottom layer of chocolate.  Still good, but not quite the true Samoa taste I was looking for.

I guess I will have to make them again, to, you know, perfect my technique.



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