Easter and Passover Links


Its Friday, it’s 5pm, and I am officially done with the Easter chocolate biz for this year–phew!!  Now I’m ready to actually think about my own Easter, and all the things I would like to be doing but probably will not have time for . . .

Like dying Easter eggs the natural way . . .

Or decorating some super cute cupcakes . . .

Or whipping up some swoon worthy chocolate draped macaroons . . .

Or waking up to the only kind of hot cross buns that might be worth the effort, if only someone would bake them for me.

However, I think I’m going to have to make some matzo crack(ers), because it’s Deb, and because they really are that good.  And if I do it tomorrow, I won’t even have to share, since my husband will be gone all day.  Maybe, if I have the energy, I’ll make him these as a consolation prize.  Or maybe I won’t share those either.

Time to pour the wine and ponder what a Saturday off, with no husband, and a clean kitchen, might bring me . . . pure bliss!


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