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I’ve done it, at long last, I just signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) share!  Okay, so that’s not entirely
true–the “at long last” part, as if this was a true “first” for me.  Long, long ago my boyfriend (now husband) and I briefly bought into a CSA share.  Sadly, nothing went well for us–which may explain why it has taken me 10 years to try again.  I don’t know if it was the terrible, funky old refrigerator that we had (which killed all produce within days), or my lack of motivation for cooking/eating vegetables, or what . . . the what being my then-boyfriend’s penchant for pizza, kung pao chicken, and fast food . . . but watching all that lovely food go to waste was just too painful, so we cancelled.

Later, after getting married and buying a house, we started growing our own veggies–with mixed success.  Tomatoes and herbs?  No problem.  Lettuces, carrots, potatoes and the like?  Not so much.  As I started getting busier with my chocolate business over the last few years, I started feeling more and more guilty about neglecting the garden, even to the point of letting things (gasp) rot on the vine.  But no more!  We will still plant a few things this year, but I’m nipping the guilt (and the effort) in the bud, and already feeling gloriously virtuous about supporting a fabulous CSA group.  Also, the timing is fortuitous since my husband is now on a major nutrition kick–the likes of which I could not have imagined in 10 years living with him–and he has discovered things like kale (!).  Discovered them, eats them, and is willing to cook with them.  I must strike while the iron is hot.

So, next week we’ll be getting a delivery from (name deleted, see why here), yay!  We’re starting with the Vegetarian Box (the smallest), but already I have designs on the Omnivore–fresh eggs and a dairy product, oh my!  And I hope to be posting photos of some gorgeous organics and yummy dishes very very soon.  To be interspersed with posts on butter, biscuits, and cookies–because even healthiness should be in moderation!


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